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Translators must pay special attention to what someone is saying an not just the words when translating any work.

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Q: Translators must pay attention to what when translating a work?
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What must a translator pay attention to when translating?

Translators must pay special attention to what someone is saying an not just the words when translating any work.

What is the differences between interpreter and translator?

An interpreter does verbal work, such as interpreting a conversation. Translators translate written or typed documents,like translating a book or article.

Translator Employment?

Working as a translator entails translating documentation from one language into another. Translators must be proficient in their native language as well as at least one foreign language. Although a college degree is not always mandatory, translators with degrees and certification often enjoy better job prospects and higher paying assignments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth from 2010 to 2020 to reach 42 percent, one of the highest job growth fields in the nation. Median salaries for translators in 2010 reached $43,300 annually. Entry level translators can expect a starting wage in the range of $15 to $23 per hour. Translators must not only be able to speak and write in a foreign language, but must also be able to interpret cultural clues and inferred references made by authors. Some translations require that the translator take on the "voice" of the original author in order to maintain a certain style and tone. Many translators employ the use of translation software and applications. Professional organizations and government agencies often require a bachelor's or master's degree in addition to translator certification. Translators work in wide range of fields and are often self-employed. Because of the explosive growth in international business, translators are in high demand domestically in the U.S. and abroad. Due to a high American military and civilian presence in the Middle East, translation jobs for that region are growing rapidly. Typical translating jobs may include working for a publishing company translating literary works or translating websites. Translators also work with government agencies translating foreign documents. Freelance translators often work for individuals, small and large businesses. Travel to a host country, such as China, may be required for extensive translation jobs, while other assignments may be completed from a home office. Advances in technology and an expanding global market have created new job opportunities for translators, such as in the field of localization. Localization translators adapt foreign product information for software and manufacturing companies interested in marketing their products in non-local markets. Localization translators must often be savvy in business and marketing as well as having knowledge about product development.

Why must translators of a work of literature know about the culture in which the work was written?

Because some words may stand for symbols in the culture

Who is responsible for translating Twitter text into more than 20 languages so that it is available throughout the world?

An indispensable and vibrant community of more than 350,000 translators work through our Translation Center to make Twitter available to people throughout the world.

You want to Telugu to English transilator?

In order to be a Telugu to English translator,you must read extensively in both languages. If you do not have professional experience translating, you can start by helping friends and relatives by translating official documents for them; then you can use these as samples of your work when applying for jobs.

What qualities must a janitor have?

One of the qualities that a janitor must have is a good attitude. A janitor must also have a good work ethic, a janitor also needs be able to pay attention to detail, and have an ability to work long hours.

How do you be agood student?

To be a good student you must always listen, do your work as told, pay attention to the teacher speaking and work well with different people.

Programs are like-- that allow people to work with computer without learning the computer's language?


What is the most important aspect of a job to you?

Enjoyment and capability. You must be able to enjoy the work. That will allow you to yield best results, but you must also have the skill and attention span.

Why should translators of a work of literature be aware of the culture?

Because some words stands for the symbol in the culture.

What qualifications are needed to become a translator?

It depends on what type of translator you want to become. There are university degrees in translation and various certifications that you can receive. However, you can also do some translation work without a degree or certification if you are fluent in at least two languages. You can start translating using various online services that pair up customers with translators, such as

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