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Unless you are privileged in life, you must always take the first step with respect to your health and well-being. If, for whatever reason, you sense that something is out of the ordinary, do not wait too long to see if it resolves itself. In general, if this "out of the ordinary" health-related feeling exceeds 48 hours, immediately take every measure to be seen by your primary health-care provider. If you do not have a primary health-care provider, go to a health center that offers an emergency service. An ounce of prevention is worth much more than a pound of cure.

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Q: To what extent do you think good health is the responsibility of the individual?
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Public Health is the branch of health that deals with policies that impact many individuals, and even whole populations. Think vaccination programs, foodborne illness warnings, drug recalls, etc. Individual Health is the branch of health where health practitioners impact the lives of individual people. Think doctor appointment, nursing care in hospitals, eye exams, dental care, etc.

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