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Moving Quietly is almost impossible to master, but you must remember that it is impossible to move completely silently, so no one is perfect. You must think about several things when you want to move silently:

Your clothes- you must be sure that your clothes do not make noise as the fabric touches itself (some jeans, especially denim, will make scratchy sounds). Also make sure that your shoes do not squeak.

The way you walk- this is the most important part of being sneaky and quiet. while bare foot and in socks ( this is best for indoors), you should land on the balls of your feet (the typical way that Cartoons tiptoe. You should use this technique if you want to get away from an area quickly and semi quietly. If you want to be as quit as possible inside, you should do a "sneak crawl" which is when you get as close to the ground as possible, and crawl like a toddler, but with out letting your knees touch the ground. if you do it correctly, and if you are flexible enough, you should look like a stalking cat. When you have shoes on, it works best on tile floor to walk on the out side skirts of your shoes. These skirts are on the outside of your shoe, where the rubber meets the floor (ex. on your right shoe, the farthest right you can go, then the closest to the floor).

Your surroundings- When you are inside, it is best to walk near the wall to avoid the floor creaking, this technique also works when you are on a non-concrete staircase. When you are outside, watch out for twigs and dead leaves.

I hope this helps!

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Q: To move about silently and secretly?
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