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No it is not bad because at least you are even eating a fruit. however, if you are not sure about this answer then ask your doctor and see what he/she says! Or look on the internet at different sites and see what they say!

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Q: To eat only one banana at a time is bad for health?
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Do guinea pigs like banana?

Yes, they can have banana, but it doesn't mean they will like it. It is only to be given in small quantities, as it is fruit and high in sugar. Too much is bad for their health.

How are energy drinks bad for your health?

Extremely high levels of sugar. If your looking for an energy boost, eat a banana.

Why is rabbit hair bad for you health?

It would only be bad if you are allergic to it and/or ingest it.

Is a banana bad for you?

It depends if the banana has gone bad but usually it isn't for it's packed with vitamins and potassium.

What will happen if a banana gets a very bad sunburn?

What will happen if a Banana gets a very bad sunburb

Why banana bad for you?

Bananas are actually quite healthy and full of potassium. They do contain a fair amount of sugar, which should be limited, but they have a decent amount of important nutrients and are healthy overall.

Too much salt in banana bread good or bad?

bad bad bad

What is banana ball?

A bad slice

Does banana liqueur go bad?

Liqueur (banana or otherwise) does not normally go bad. The high alcohol content acts as a powerful preservative.

Is it bad for the animals health?

I believe you question is incomplete. If you are asking "Watching tv, is it bad for the animal health?" the answer is YES. Watching tv for a long time could harm animal health. Thank You.

Is tv bad for your health?

Some people think it is. Fortunately, TV provides education and entertainment, and it's only bad if it's the ONLY part of your life.

Is bananas bad for tonsils?

Banana hurt my throat when I had tonsillitis.