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To be dehydrated

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Q: To die of thirst is called what?
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Can one die of thirst?


Can a fish die of thirst?


What can pigs die from?

pigs can die from meat and hunger. they can also die from poison and thirst

How many plants die because of thirst?


Can you die of thirst in Antarctica?

No you can't because snow is water

Why conserve water?

So that people don't die from thirst

Advantage and disadvantage of droughts?

people get killed or die of thirst.

Which body system controls thirst?

The nervous system, in particular a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, controls thirst.

How and why do people die of thirst?

People die of thirst because the human body can only last about 6 days without water. Organs and muscles start to shut down and become unresponsive.

How do you drink water without hating it?

Right before you die of thirst.

Why is drinking the right amount of water important?

Otherwise you die of thirst

Do black panthers drink?

Yes, they do. Otherwise they would die of thirst.