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Goin thru the same thing rn, the best thing u can do is get it over with trust me. Stay wavy

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u could go talk to her and find out..that might work.

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Q: This one girl you like stares at you while she whispers to her friend does that mean she likes you?
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Everyone says that when a boy likes you he stares you in the eyes but what exactly is he thinking while doing so?

When a boy likes you he talks to you and treats you with respect. When he stares at you he is probably thinking things that are not very respectful.

What does it mean if a guy stares into your eyes while he is talking to you but then occasionally stops talking like looses his train of thought but still stares into your eyes?

He likes you.

What does it mean when a college girl stares at you and then blushes smiles and giggles while looking away from you and saying hi to you?

She likes you

What does it mean if a guy smiles and stares at a girl while while he leans over her as they lay?

Hheeellllooo it means he likes her! Duhhhhhh and that he wants to seriously kiss

How can a 7th grade girl tell if a guy likes her?

A girl knows that a guy likes her if he flirts, smiles at her often, blushes & sweats while talking to her, teases, and stares.

How can you tell that a boy likes you?

well 1 he stares at you alot 2 he starts doing nice things for you 3 he asks you if you have a boy friend. or he will always look at you and talk 2 another boy or his friends while looking at you or when he looks at you and laphs...

This girl in my class she sometimes stares at me for a while and always says im cool and stuff and asks how i am also we always talk does she like me?

If a girl in your class stares at you for a while, is always saying you're cool and stuff, asks how you are, and you always talks to you is most likely that she likes you.

What does it mean when you walk into class and a random guy stops talking to his friend and stares at you for a while?

He probably thinks you are beautiful,as all girls are.

What does it mean when a guy stares deep into your eyes while walking?

It sometimes means he's either lost in them or hes really interested in you. Basically it means he likes you.

What dos it mean wen a guy stares at you then looks away when you catch him then he stares back after a while looks in your eyes then stares at your lips then back at your eyes wen u were watching him?

i think it means that he will probably ask u out soon or he is giving u obvious signs that he likes you and wants u to ask him out

What does it mean if your crush who knows you really like him and are obsessed with him whispers to his friend while him and his friend both look and you and then he stands behind you?

That you're in middle school and you should forget about boys for a couple of years.

What do you do when your friend likes a guy but he likes you and you don't like him?

Answer You might want to tell him that while your friend may like him, you don't and that way he won't bug you if he knows where he stands with you.