Things to do with friends

Updated: 4/28/2022
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u can get a bunch of frends and play bike chase at ur school or the park

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Q: Things to do with friends
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What cool things can you do with friends with paper and a pen?

You can write a poem and exchange. You can write positive things about your friends.

What do you do when your friends are always leaving you out of things?

Try and stay friends with them, but make new/more friends.

What are things you can care about?

friends and family

Fun things to do with friends?


What do friends with benefits mean?

Friends with benefits is, When you choose to stay friends but you also have exceptions. You will do things that a boyfriend/girlfriend would do like, kiss and other things.

What do you call two people who are friends that do sexual things togather?

Friends with Benefits. FWB.

If my friends leave me out of things sometimes what should i do?

Get new friends. Hang out with people who will include you. :)

What kinds of things does your daughter like to do?

play at her friends are go and gust hangout with friends

What should you do if your best friends are making things up about you?

I am not sure that people who make up things about you deserve to be considered your best friends, or friends of any kind, but you can certainly ask them to stop doing that, and if they don't, see if you can find better friends.

Why did Hitler do the things to the jews?

this is the answer my friends he was a hater

What are some fun things to joke about?

Your friends.

What are the things liked by the fishermen?

fishermans friends