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the clip and the light that you are talking about is a pulse oximeter and this machine measure the hemoglobin that is bind to oxygen in your blood. The hemoglobin is what transport oxygen to your cells and tissues. If you have a low hemoglobin level but they're all bind to oxygen the reading will be good but your tissues and cells are not receiving enough oxygen. That can be one of the reason you're feeling you don't get enough air.

Otherwise it could be because of congestion in your lungs even if you're getting enough oxygen.

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Q: They put the clip on your finger and oxygen levels are good but you feel like you can not breath and are congested. What could be the cause?
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Are high levels of carbon dioxide bad?

well, you don't breath carbon dioxide, you breath oxygen

Why would you become short of breath at high altitudes if air at those levels still contain 21 oxygen?

Why would you become short of breath at high altitudes if air at those levels still contains 21% oxygen

How does emphysema affect the health?

It makes it hard to breath and, if severe, lowers oxygen levels.

Does mold need oxygen to grow?

No, mold does not require oxygen to grow. Mold spores can thrive in environments with low oxygen levels.

What do plants breath out?

Plants have a nearly opposite respiration with that of humans. They harness the energetic photons of sunlight along with the ability to fix carbon dioxide (CO2) in separate reactions to create carbohydrates (R-6-P) as the product and, to answer your question, Oxygen as the respiratory "waste" product. This fact is why you often hear people say that we need trees and plants to breathe and sustain oxygen levels at their optimal P02 levels of around 25-28%

How are oxygen levels measured?

Oxygen levels are typically measured using a device called a pulse oximeter, which clips onto a person's finger and uses light to determine the amount of oxygen in the blood. Another method is through blood gas analysis, where a blood sample is taken and analyzed in a lab to determine the oxygen levels.

Why does a patient's oxygen levels fall as a result of red blood cells?

If the patient blood levels fall (maybe due to hemorrhage), the oxygen that the RBCs are carrying is lost with the blood. The person will feel 'out of breath'.

What other respiratory complication can occur due to atelectasis?

Shortness of breath, COPD, asthma, and low oxygen levels to the body requiring oxygen therapy.

What is the percent of oxygen is released in an exhale?

Approximately 16% of the volume of exhaled air is oxygen. The rest is mostly nitrogen, with small amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases.

How can one measure dissolved oxygen levels in the human body?

A good way to measure dissolved oxygen levels in the human body would be to use a pulse oximeter. It is a little device that you can put on a finger or toe to get the measurement.

Why is it hard to breath on the top of a mountain?

Answer: Because the percentage of oxygen in the air is not as much as it is at sea level. When higher altitude is attained, oxygen levels drop. Hope this helps.

When you hold your breath for ten seconds and then breath for a minute after that why does your breathing rate increase?

When you hold your breath, CO2 levels will increase in your body, which, simply put, makes your body oxygen-starved. This, then, will trigger a reaction that will attempt to get as much oxygen throughout the body as possible, and this is done by increasing the heart rate.