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Q: These characteristics-Physical emotional mental and social-combine to make you the unique person you are?
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What are the physical needs of a person mental emotional social?


A person's mental and emotional condition does not affect his overall health?


What do health psychologist view health as?

Health. The overall state of a person. Being mental, physical, emotional. A psychologists job is to focus on the mental- emotional state of a person, but I am sure they view health the same as anyone else, which is the well being of a person and the state they are in

What is temperament personality?

Personal temperament is the combination of physical, mental and emotional traits of a person.

What are the five parts of the total person?

Social Emotional Spiritual/Moral Physical Mental

A person's mental and emotional health is most directly affected by?

(Apex) Self-confidence.

How mental ill health may have an impact on psychological and emotional of an individual?

Mental illness can have an impact on psychological and emotional areas because the person may not be happy. If someone is unhappy, it can affect all areas of their life.

How people feel about emotional health?

Mental health has to do with how a person thinks feels and act as the copes with life

What is the Difference between emotional maturity and emotional intelligence?

The level of intelligence and the overall health status is the basis of the emotional maturity.

How does mental disability affect a person?

It impacts not only the person with the mental illness, but impacts the family's as well. For the person with the mental illness, it makes every single day a struggle. A struggle to live, to what they perceive, a normal life. But, for the family, it's an everyday struggle to help the person with the mental illness and is both a emotional and physical challenge.

Which is not one of the three ways you can help someone who displays signs of mental or emotional problems?

Argue about the person's problems

What does a mental status examination note about mood?

Mood refers to the underlying emotional "atmosphere" or tone of the person's answers.