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Well for 1 i don't no why you stopped talking to her if she was 1 of your friends but anyway if she still talks to you then you probably still wants to be friends and if she acts weird when you are with other girls she could be jealous that you like taking to them and not her or she could really like you more than a friend and could be quite hurt. If i were you id ask her how she felt about you and you should be honest to her as well so if you don't like her tell her!

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Q: There is this girl told me were jst friends so i stopped talking to her for a while so every time she sees you she try to talk to you or when she see you with a girl she start act weird what does it?
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How do i get my best guy friend to start talking me after he just stopped and i don't know what i did?

just ask one of his friends what he is mad about and then opliges even if u didn't do anything wrong

How can you start talking to a girl who was your friend but because of bilateral mistakes you fought and stopped talking to each other?

first of all you should say sorry if you still are not friends and say that you really like her and you want to kiss so explain your feelings to her.

There is this girl told you were jst friends so you stopped talking to her for a while so everytime she sees you she try to talk to you or when she see you with a girl she start act weird what does it?

Does it mean she likes you..could be, probably not. Maybe shes annoyed you would be talking to another girl then her..she is your friend

How do you shut up annoying friends?

every time this person is about to talk and you think that they are going to start talking for a long tim, cut in front of them or quickly change the subject.

How do you get a girl to like if you think she knows you like her but has stopped talking to you?

just start talking to her and if she ask like she doesn't like u then yall werent ment to be

How do you talk to your girlfriend while she is talking to her friends?

Just go over to her, or hug her from behind then start talking,, hope this helped :)

How do you talk to a girl who you never talked to before in the hallway who is with her friends?

If she is in your class, get in her group or pick her as a partner. then slowly start talking to her, become friends say hi in the hallway then find an oppurtunity to ask her out.....but when you start talking to her you will realize if she is the one for you...

How do you i become friends with the popular group when i barely talk to them?

You can start by talking to them. Make friends with one member, then you'll be introduced to the rest.

How do you get your ex boyfriend from a year ago to go back out with you when you never talk to him much?

start talking to him for one thing, be friends first, say you miss talking. and when that works and u build a realtionship. start talking about the good times you had with him. start flirting a little,

How can you stop talking to imaginary friends?

the more you talk to people the less you will stop talking to them or find something better to do and whenever you start talking to them tell yourself to stop

What should you do if you want to know if a guy likes you or not?

Start talking to him when his friends are NOT around, hels if you don't have your friends with you also, it should soon become clear after talking a few times weather he likes you or not.

What do you have to do to get the girll you like?

Start by talking to her and her friends. Try to become her friend. Then ask her out. Good luck