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Turner's Syndrome. People suspect that Joan of Arc had this syndrome.

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Q: The xo genotype is a characteristic of patients with what?
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The genotype xo results from what?

The genotype XO results from the absence of a second sex chromosome in an individual. This condition is known as Turner syndrome and is characterized by a single X chromosome in females instead of the usual two. It can lead to various developmental and physical abnormalities.

What disorder gives a female the genotype of XO?

Turner's Syndrome

A karyotype of a human female shows that she has only one sex chromosome what is the genotype for her condition?

The genotype for this condition is Turner syndrome, which is characterized by a single X chromosome (usually denoted as 45,X). This results in a female individual with certain physical characteristics and potential health complications.

What is an XO genotype?

An XO genotype refers to a genetic condition where an individual has a single X chromosome instead of the typical two sex chromosomes (XX). This condition is known as Turner syndrome and can result in a range of physical and developmental differences.

What is the genotype of a male grasshopper and a female grasshopper?

A male grasshopper has two different sex chromosomes, XY, while a female grasshopper has two of the same sex chromosomes, XX. This difference in sex chromosome composition determines the sex of the grasshopper.

When can the phenotype tell you genotype of a trait?

The phenotype can tell you the genotype of a trait when the trait is determined by a single gene with clear dominant and recessive alleles. In cases where there is complete dominance, observing the physical expression (phenotype) can provide information about the underlying genetic makeup (genotype) of an individual.

Does the genotype regulate the enzymes present in an organism?

It is true that the genotype regulate the enzymes present in an organism. Every characteristic about an organism is influenced by its genotype.

How are genotypes and phenotype related?

Genotype and phenotype are to words that are not related. Genotype refers to classification by comparing genetics. Phenotype refers to classification according to the appearance of an organism.

Phenotype and genotype classifications of genes?

Phenotype refers to a gene that affects a physical characteristic of a person while genotype is a personality trait or an "unseen" characteristic which can include what illnesses run in your family.

Could an O-positive child have an A-positive mother?

Yes, if the mother had a genotype of AO and the father had one of XO (X being any group).

What is the difference between genotype and genotype?

It appears there is a typo in your question. Perhaps you meant to ask about the difference between genotype and phenotype. Genotype refers to an individual's genetic makeup, while phenotype refers to the physical traits that result from that genetic makeup and interactions with the environment. Genotype determines the potential for certain traits, while phenotype is the observable expression of those traits.

What is the difference between phenotype and a genotype an What is a example of each?

A genotype refers to an organism's genetic makeup, while a phenotype refers to the physical characteristics and traits that result from that genetic makeup. For example, in humans, having the genotype for blue eyes would result in the phenotype of actually having blue eyes.