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Q: The vomiting of New or old blood known as?
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Why is your 2 year old child vomiting blood?

See a doctor immediately

Could heroin cause black vomiting?

Very black in vomiting indicates old blood, from an area that was bleeding and now is not bleeding. Vomiting red or black blood in vomiting is serious! You need to see a doctor. If it is more brownish-black, and thin, then you could have gastritis, which means something wrong with the stomach. You need to see the doctor. NOTE: No one on an online Forum can diagnose. Only a doctor can tell you what is wrong.

Is your period old blood or new blood?

There is one pool of blood, so that any sample will have both young and old red blood cells.

What illnesses did the early settlers face?

1. BLACK VOMIT :vomiting old(black) blood due to ulcers or yellow fever 2.

Why is your 3 year old vomiting blood?

A little blood in the vomit is usually nothing to worry about, as the vomiting can cause breakages in the blood vessels lining the esophagus. The blood may also be from a small cut in the mouth or perhaps a nosebleed. Call a doctor ir your toddler continues to have blood in his vomit or the amount increases. If the blood resembles dark coffee grounds, take your toddler to the emergency room (bring a sample of the blood with you for the doctors).

When was The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch created?

The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch was created on 2006-06-20.

What does having pink blood mean?

its normal love it just means that it comes with how old the blood age is e.g. brown blood= old blood pink blood= new blood

What did Henry notice about the spectral soldier?

He had new wounds and old wounds because of the fresh blood and old blood

What did Henry's notice about the spectral soldiers?

He had new wounds and old wounds because of the fresh blood and old blood

Is it natural if your periods are brown?

Yes, it is fine. Brown blood is old blood and the red blood is new.

What is the deffrent between the heart and the pump?

heart is inprove the blood . and can be used the old blood and make a new blood

What are the Old Testament and New Testament known as?

The bible.

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