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When you urinate, you void your bladder, so they are the same. Void means "empty" or "to emptly" in medical terminology..


to void something means it is non existent, to empty your bladder just means that you are emptying it of urine but it isn't void of urine as the bladder remains with moisture in it and is still a bladder. To void is to make it extinguished from reality, and is not the same. So the answer is "false"


Medical professionals use the term "void" when referring to the emptying of the bladder. The first answer is correct - they are they same when referring to urination. So the answer in reference to the question is "true".

Webster's definition of ''void'' is 1. not legally binding, invalid; 2. having no contents, empty."

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Q: The term urinate and void are the same thing true or false?
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