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New Year.俺至ˇ達ˇ歹ˋ˙宅札直˙

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Q: The spring festival is also called?
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Which of the festivals is called the Spring Festival?

The Spring Festival is traditional Chinese New Year. It is Jan-1st of lunar calender. It is not fixed with a special day in solar calender, but mostly is in January or February. This festival also shows the end of winter, and brings the hope of Spring. So it's also called Spring Festival (春节).

What festivals is also called the Spring Festival?

Chinese New Year

What American university or college has the largest music festival?

Penn State's Spring Music Festival called "Movin' On"

What do married women do on Chinese New Year?

Cooking and decorating during Chinese new year period, this period also called spring festival.

What do Chinese eat on spring festival?

The Chinese mostly eat rice when on the Spring Festival.

Which festival celebrated the end of the spring festival?

The Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao Festival is celebrated to mark the end of the Spring Festival in many East Asian countries. It takes place on the 15th day of the first month in the lunar calendar. The festival is characterized by colorful lantern displays, lion dances, and the consumption of sweet rice dumplings called yuanxiao.

What are the other names for Diwali?

Diwali also known as deepawali and the festival of lights.

Why is 1 May called Mayday?

Mayday is an Spring festival of many cultures, particularly in the northern hemisphere. It also coincides with International Workers Day, also known as Mayday. The day marks a celebration of spring and is traditionally celebrated by songs, dances and treats.

When was Rites of Spring Music Festival created?

Rites of Spring Music Festival was created in 1971.

What is the origins of pahgwah which in Indian is known as Holi?

Holi (called Phagwa in Bhojpuri), is also called the Festival of Colours. It is a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India, Guyana, Trinidad, and Nepal. In West Bengal, it is known as Dolyatra (Doljatra) or Boshonto Utsav ("spring festival"). Participants throw coloured powders on each other, and street celebrations are noisy and riotous. The festival is especially associated with the worship of Krishna, and it is considered an imitation of his play with the wives and daughters of the cowherds.

A Japanese festival called 'O-Bon' is also known as the Festival for the?


Which festivals are there in spring?

the spring festival ,the Lantern Festival (the 15th of the 1st lunar month)Tomb-sweeping Day