The secret to being popular

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Popularity is just a dream. People feel accepted when they are included in the "in-crowd," but usually, to get there, they end up forgetting who they are and becoming superficial to fit in. Stay true to yourself and be confident, and you'll be popular among the right people. Spend lots of money on clothes and shoes and hair and stuff, but for what? Being popular won't get you anywhere in life. Focus on doing well in school and your life will be a lot better.


That is totally not the question, the question is, How to become popular, not the "Side effects" of popularity. OK, so in order to become popular try to become friends with popular people, not too fast because they'll think your stalking them, so slow down a little bit. Try to wear stylish or inn clothes, which make you stand out( a good way). Get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If you don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend when your popular your a nobody. People will think more of once you have a boyfriend. Lastly don't forget to still be yourself a little bit.

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Just mainly being your self.

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Q: The secret to being popular
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the secret to being popular is first of all to get noticed but in a good way like fastest time in a track race

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Be yourself, and dont be shy. Also.. be fit and know what talent you excel and try to develop it. Dont get ill, it will loose your chances of being popular. Hope i helped

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