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basically you have got to keep everything to your self unless you thing that person is in danger.

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Q: The right to confidentiality in hairdressing?
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The right to confidentiality in employment?


Is Confidentiality is it a need to know?

No. Confidentiality means that information is kept from everyone except people with the legal right to access it.

Common law of confidentiality?

Common law of confidentiality is not written in status , but established by the court decisions over time. Confidentiality is an important principle that enables people to feel safe in sharing their concerns and to ask for help. However, the right to confidentiality is not absolute. Sharing relevant information with the right people at the right time is vital to good safeguarding practice.

The right to confidentiality in a salon?

to secure clients data

What is the difference between privacy and confidentiality?

Privacy and confidentiality mean different things. Privacy refers to an individual's right, or a group's right, to safeguard their information and involves protecting information. Confidentiality refers to an agreement between people where someone agrees to keep information from being released.

Give you a sentence with the word confidentiality?

means privacy a person has he right too ask that personal informaton.

The right to confidentiality?

you have to feel strong and imagine that you are not weaker than your opponent

What is meant by uphold confidentiality?

Confidentially means that what has been said will not be discussed with anyone who was not part of the conversation, it is private. To uphold confidentiality means that you are enforcing the right of privacy.

What does the hairdressing job involve?

The profession of someone who works at a hairdressing job is a Hair Stylist. They have gone to hairdressing school to study the correct way to trim hair and what styles suit different face shapes.

What's the role of connexions within hairdressing?

what is the role of connexions in hairdressing

When did hairdressing start?

Hairdressing has been around for thousands of years. Ancient writings indicated that hairdressing was in ancient Egypt and in Africa.

What is a hairdressing junior?

Someone who goes to college to do hairdressing whilst working as a hairdressing assistance (washing hair, making teas etc) taking everything in.