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Q: The receptors of the inflation reflex are most sensitive to?
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How far can a lung stretch?

For an adult male, the most a lung can hold is about 6 liters of air. There is a reflex in the body that will prevent overstretching of the lungs. This is called the Hering–Breuer inflation reflex which is triggered by receptors on the surface of the lung and carried via the Vagus nerve.

Which receptors are the most sensitive to blood chemistry changes?


Industries most sensitive to inflation-induced profits are those?

Industries that are most sensitive to inflation include banks and other financial institutions. Since they make money by lending money, inflation hurts them first.

Why do your fingertips have the most sensory receptors?

because the face and finger tips are alot more sensitive.

What factors are most important in triggering the changes in breathing rate?

Chemicals - most important are the concentrations of CO2, hydrogen ions and O2 in the blood. Chemoreceptors are located in the respiratory center, the carotid bodies and the aortic bodies which detect the levels. Inflation Reflex- stretch receptors in the visceral pleurae are sensitive to the degree of stretching by the lungs. Higher Brain Centers - Impulses from higher brain centers may affect respiratory center. Body Temperature - an increase in body temp, increases the breathing rate.

Where are most sensory receptors located?

In the human being, it is the eye. Hence the ancient method of "stick a needle in your eye" to prove death. No reflex, no life.

Which taste receptor has the lowest threshold for taste?

the sweet and salty receptors are the weakest, while bitter is the most sensitive.

Where are the most sensitive areas of the air passages located?

I think the mucous membrane of the carina by the larynx and bronchi because it triggers the cough reflex.

What two sense organs have receptors sensitive to chemicals?

Sensory receptors that are sensitive to chemicals are found in the nose and mouth. While chemicals can have a reaction on other parts of the body, the receptors located in the nose and mouth are capable of recognizing these sensations the most.

What receptors are most important in reading Braille?

The Meissner's corpuscles are the most important receptors in reading Braille. These specialized nerve endings are found in the fingertips and are especially sensitive to tactile stimulation, making them well-suited for detecting the fine details of raised dots used in Braille.

What cutaneous receptors are the most numerous?

Simple Pain receptors.

What receptors adapt most slowly?

Nociceptors are the receptors that adapt most slowly. Other receptors include smell, touch, and pressure receptors, which adapt faster than nociceptors.