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Glomerlular filtration

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Q: The process of the kidneys taking out the impurties from the blood?
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What is the process of the kidneys taking out the impurities from the blood?


What process is responsible for blood purification?

The kidneys handle it

Amount of liters of blood that goes through kidneys for cleaning?

Each day your kidneys process around 200 liters of blood. All of the blood must cycle through the kidneys.

How does the process of dialysis help maintain homeostasis in an individual with nephropathy?

Nephropathy is damage or disease to the kidneys. In people with this, the kidneys can not regulate the blood properly. Dialysis removes toxins and poisons from the blood to relieve the kidneys of this process.

What Process is used to clean the blood when the kidneys do not function?


How is the process of dialysis similar to the function of kidneys?

They both clean the blood

What is the process that people with manufacturing kidneys go through?

filtering machine to their blood

The kidneys regulate the chemical composition of blood by utilizing the process of?

Filtration and Absorption

Clinical significance of protein in urine?

If there is protein in urine, there is something wrong with the filtration process in the kidneys. Normally, proteins molecules that are too large to enter the filtrate in the nephron of the kidney. If protein were to make it into the filtrate, then the kidneys are taking too much out of the blood and that could be disasterous

What is the purpose of having kidneys?

they clean your body, by taking out the toxins, and putting them in your urine

What is the process of taking impurities from the blood?


The kidneys filter what from the blood and form urine?

Urine, if it is liquid waste, or feces if it is solid waste. but i don't actually think kidneys process the solid waste... hope this helped! ;D