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It would depend on your immune system as well as what aliment you have. Ask your healthcare provider about your particular situation.

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Q: The period of gradual recovery of health after illness?
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What is the medical term meaning gradual return for good health after a period of illness or medical treatment?


Can you give one word for-one who is very particular or overscrupulous about small things-the period of gradual recovery after illness-a person incharge of museum-one who abstains from alcoholic drink?

obsessive-compulsive, recuperation, and a teetotaler

What is convalescent stage?

The period of recovery or getting better after an illness.

What is acute stage?

If referring to an illness, it is after the incubation period, the stage of the illness where the symptoms are the most severe, before recovery or convalesense.

What type of noun is recovery?

The noun 'recovery' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for the process or an instance of returning to normal after an illness, an injury, a loss, or a period of slow activity; a word for a concept; a word for a thing.

What is Any gradual change in time is called?

I know any gradual change over a long period of time is evolution

Make a sentence with recover?

''She convalesces from a serious accident.'' I am convalescing from my accident. I will convalesce for at least three months following my surgery. "What are you doing?" "Convalescing! What does it look like?"

What period comes after a period of recovery in a business cycle?

A boom.

How long will the paratyphoid illness last?

It usually lasts between one and ten days.

What not to do or not to eat on your period?

You can eat and do what you always do on your period. it's not an illness.

Us approach to troop withdrawal during the period of Vietnamization?


What is the correct order for the phases of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS)?

The correct order for the phases of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) is prodromal phase, latent phase, manifest illness phase, and recovery or death phase. The prodromal phase typically occurs within hours to days after exposure, followed by a period of apparent recovery known as the latent phase. The manifest illness phase then presents with symptoms specific to the level of radiation exposure, followed by either recovery or death in the final phase.