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Q: The performance of an act that is wholly wrongful and unlawful is?
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What is the performing of an act that is wholly wrongful an unlawful is called?


General Intent vs Specific Intent?

General intent does not require an intentional unlawful action but only that a wrongful act was commtitted. Specific intent requires intentional unlawful action

The ability to understand the wrongful nature of an act is known as criminal?

Competency is the ability to understand that wrongful nature of an act.

Is a wrongful act can be both and crime and tort?

Yes, a "wrongful act" CAN be both a tort and a criminal act. For example recall the O.J. Simpson case. He was charged with murder - found not guilty, but wound up being successfully prosecuted for "wrongful death."

What is Unlawful tresspass?

Entering upon a property with the intent to commit an unlawful act.

Is it right to accuse a person of a wrongful act if you where not there to witness the crime?


What are the wrongful acts in the Philippines?

Any act which is against the law.

What does the word crime mean?

A wrongful act, punishable by law.

What act made the statements critical of the government unlawful?

The Sedition Act

What is second degree manslaughter?

Manslaughter in the second degree is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being without malice either express or implied, and without intent to kill or to inflict the injury causing death, committed accidentally in the commission of some unlawful act not felonious, or in the improper performance of an act lawful in itself. Manslaughter in the second degree may be committed by the doing of an unlawful act, or the doing of a lawful act in an unlawful manner, although at the time the defendant did not actually know that the act would result in homicide, and this notwithstanding, after the act was done, or while in progress the defendant used ordinary care to prevent the taking of human life; nor is the intention to take life necessary in a prosecution for this offense.

What's the difference between wrongful death and murder?

The difference between the two cases is that one is considered to be an act of carelessness or negligence. The other one is the intentional act of. When it is wrongful, it is a civil case.

A person caught in the middle of a wrongful act is said to be?

in flagrante delicto