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taste buds

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Q: The papilla of the tongue are also known as?
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What are the bumps on your tongue called?

Papillae or papilla. It is another word for taste buds. Hope this helped.taste budzes

What is the medical term meaning the tiny bumps on your tongue?

Those are called 'papillae'. Just one is called a 'papilla'.

What is tongue frenulum?

Also known as the lingual frenum, it is the tissue beneath the center of the tongue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

How do the papilla on the surface of the human tongue compare with those of the cat?

The papillae on the tongue of a human and a cat are similar because they are rough, although the cat's are much more rough. Both are used for the sense of taste.

What receives urine from the renal papilla?

The renal papilla empties urine into the

What function of fungiform papilla?

Fungiform papilla are taste buds

Urine leaving the renal papilla is collected in cuplike structures called what?

Calyx, Alsoo known as calyces.

What is the function of the filiform papilla?

Filiform papillae are found all over the upper surface of the tongue. They serve a mechanical and protective function.

What organ system includes the tongue?

Tongue is a muscular organ. It is coated with a mucous membrane and contain papilla and taste buds for taste reception. Muscles help in swallowing and churning of foo. It is kept moist by saliva, and is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessel.

Where are The papillae are located?

Vallate Papillae are hemispherical bumps, about 1-2mm in diameter, located on the extreme rear of the tongue. These papilla secrete a sort of 'cleansing solution' to remove unwanted particulates from the surrounding area, resulting in more responsive taste buds.

What is the functions of the papilla?

What the world is a papilla if i new i would tell you but i dont know so your loss...

What is renal papilla?

The renal papilla is located in the kidneys. The function of the renal papilla is to store urine before it is excreted from the bladder. It contains part of the secreting tubules and the collecting tubules.