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Q: The middle coat of the eyeball that contains pigment which prevents light from scattering in the eyeball is?
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The middle coat of the eyeball that contains pigment which prevents light from scattering in the eyeball is the?

Did you mean the Lamina Fusca Sclera? The problem is the phrasing is awkward with this question so I have no idea what it is you're looking for. That's my best guess from what I can tell.

How do you get your eyeball tattooed?

A colour Pigment is injected under the thin film on the eye and it bleeds through the liquid underneath.

What is the pigment in the skin that prevents sunburns?

The pigment is called melanin, and it gives some protection from the sun, but can't totally prevent sunburns.

What pigment prevents the radiation from harming structures in the under layer of the skin?


RBC contains a pigment called?


What structure in the cell contains green pigment?

the thing that provides green pigment is CHLOROPLAST

Contains the green pigment that absorbs light?

Chloroplasts contain the green pigment chlorophyll

What are the purposes of emulsifying agents in emulsion?

To allow suspended solids to remain in suspension. Emulsion paint for example contains fine particles of pigment in suspension in water. The emulsifying agent prevents the pigments settling to the bottom.

Which blood cells contain respiratory pigment?

Reg blood cells contains the respiratoy pigment haemoglobin.

What is the purple pigment in onions?

Onion skin contains a pigment called anthocyanin, which gives purple pigmentation.

What structure in the cell contains the gren pigment?


What contains green pigment?

Plants NEED it to do photosynthesis.