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The Skeleton.

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Q: The majority of our body's fluoride is stored in the?
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The vast majority of the bodys lymph is drained by the?

Thoracic duct

The majority of our body's phosphorus is stored in the?

The majority of our body's phosphorus is stored in bones.

Where does the majority of your drinking water stored?

The majority of your drinking water is stored in dams in your local area. This is filtered and treated and delivered into the water mains. The majority of fresh water in the world is stored in the Antarctic ice.

What is the majority of the energy in the body stored in?

the major form of stored energy in the body is carbohydrate, stored as glycogen

Where is the majority of phosphorus stored?


Where is the majority of the water stored in the hydrosphere?

the ocean.

Where is fluoride stored?

Fluoride is only used by the body when it is in direct contact with teeth, they help fight caries in the earlier stages. There can also be some minor benefit to bone structure. Fluoride itself is not stored by the human body, because it is not a nutrient, it is an activating agent. Fluoride is toxic to the human body and ingesting fluoride will not help the teeth, instead it will be a strain on the body and consuming large amounts of fluoride will kill you. So don't eat toothpaste or drink mouthwash containing fluoride. Fluoridated water poses no health risk because of the low concentration, but can significantly improve dental health - especially in low-income areas. In other areas fluoride is present enough (in tooth-paste and other sources) to render the fluoridation of drinking water useless.

What is the majority of most water stored on Earth?


Where is the majority of the body's flouride stored?

teeth and bones

Hydrofluoric acid is stored in a glass bottle for a long time what happens?

The glass bottle is destroyed; the silicon fluoride is formed.

Do you think that thermal energy stored in lithium fluoride be used to generate all of the electricity used on earth at night?


What metals can withstand uranium fluoride corrosion?

Uranium hexafluoride is stored in special stainless steel or monel (a nickel alloy) containers.