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The majority of backaches are due to poor posture and weak supporting muscles.

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Q: The majority of backaches are due to?
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Can backaches be a symptom of meningitis?

A sore throat

Is backaches cause for concern during pregnancy?

Backaches in pregnancy are normal, and result from increased weight and changes in the body's posture to cope with a changed centre-of-gravity, as well as a softening of the ligaments due to an increased level of progesterone. The only treatment is rest, heat packs and paracetamol (acetaminophen for our U.S. friends). Hope that helps! Aj :)

Why do pregnant women's backs hurt so often?

this is due to the weight distribution and positioning of the child in the mothers belly. more weight equals more stress on the body which causes painful backaches.

Is The majority of a nerve's bulk is due to axons?


Do doctors recommend use of massage recliners for patients with backaches?

Massage recliners are great for patients with backaches. Doctors recommend it in addition to using heat as well. If the pain is severe, see your doctor.

What if your 17 having lower backaches tiredness weird stomach feelings your period is due in 2 days you had sex 2 days after your ovulating time could you be pregnant?

There is ALWAYS a chance that you can get pregnant after engaging in intercourse ...

What are the signs of pregnancy after seven weeks?

It is nausea , craving for food, cramps and backaches.

What is mercury's high density due to?

The majority of Mercury is very thin.. -Frecklez ».«

The result of backaches fatigue and crying are what physical signs of stress?

mind-body connection

What are the benefits of tawa tawa?

it can cure dengue fever, lessen hypertension, backaches and gout

Are constant hiccups and backaches a sign that I am pregnant?

Can be. Wait until your period is late and do a test.

What disease is associated with headache backache dizziness and tumor?

headaches for a week now with lower backaches