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Reproduction. An individual organism does not have to reproduce in order to survive but if the organisms did not produce then the species would die out after just a single generation.

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Q: The life function that is necessary for the survival of the species but not necessary for the survival of an idividual organism is?
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What life function is necessary to the species but not the individual organism?


The function that is not needed for survival of the organism but is essential for the survival of the species is?


Where does an organism get its unique characteristics?

It evolves what is necessary for its survival.

How could a color change in an organism necessary for its survival?


How is photosynthesis necessary for the survival of an organism?

sumagot ka nga! at magisip ka!

Why is reproduction necessary for the survival of a species but not necessary for the survival of an individual organism?

because the gravity of the earth is forcing you to love me than your parents.

What is a list of wants and needs?

A need is something that is necessary to the survival of an organism: nutritional food, water, air, protection etc. A want is something that is considered a luxury and does not influence the survival of an organism.

What characteristics makes reproduction different from the other organic functions you have studied?

it is not necessary for the survival of the individual organism.

What is the Process of changes in an organism's physiological structure or function or habits that allow it to surivive in new surroundings is called?


Why is a peacock important to its survival?

As with any organism, that organism has to be important to itself to ensure survival.

How is reproduction different from other life function?

Reproduction is different from other life functions in that it is not necessary for the survival of a single person but is necessary for the survival of a species. Reproduction also generally involves two people or organisms.

What is a group of organ systems called?

A group of organ systems is called an organism. Organ systems work together to support the functions of the body, allowing the organism to maintain homeostasis and carry out necessary processes for survival.