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The longest fingernails on a female is Lee Redmond, whoes nails are24 ft. long! She has been growing them since 1979.

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The longest toe nail is five feet long

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19 feet long when stretched out

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Q: The length of the longest finger nail?
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Why does the middle fingernail grow the fastest?

Nail growth is different from person to person and from finger to finger. The nail on the middle finger grows the fastest and the nail on the little finger grows the slowest. The illusion of the little finger or pinkie growing faster is bought about by men, Asian men in particular, who grow the little finger longer to assist them with daily life.

What is the length of a nail to the nearest centimeter?

It depends on the nail: finger nails are usually less than 2 centimetres in length - including the nail plate - but they have been grown to over 0.8 metres in length. Metal nails can range from less than 1 cm to 15 cm or longer.

How long does your finger nail live?

Finger nail is dead - the same goes for hair.

What common item is one centimeter long?

staples,ants :) hope dat helps k? well .... ur welcome ! :)

Do you measure a fingernail with millimeters opr centimeters?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that a finger nail is measured with millimeters.

What is the longest finger on your hands?

Everyone thinks that your middle finger is the longest finger on your hand, but according to doctors, the thumb (which is counted as a finger) is the longest. Your thumb does not end at the crease, it ends at the bone close to your wrist. your thumb is the longest finger on your hand!

Which fingernail grows the longest and why?

That sounds like an excellent science experiment question. Clip all of your nails to the same length (measure with a ruler) and measure each nail every day for at least 2 weeks. Then you'll know!

What happens if you cut through your fingernail with a razor?

one this happened to me it hit my finger nail and it made a big crack on my finger nail and just today this happened it cut the tip of my finger nail and and the skin and it bledAnswer:it will cut your finger nail in a big crack in it and it will bleed

How do I find out which nail polish is the hardest?

well you could put a different brand on each finger but depending on which finger use the most ... the other fingers would of course last longer

What finger boost's the fastest growing nail?

your middle finger

Who has the longest finger nails?

the longest finger nails is a guy named david shworpsend has 7ft and 2'' long nails and the were very curly and ive recently met him about a month ago

What is the longest river inn the world?

The longest river is Nail