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The human backbone, or spine, is composed of 33 bones. It is divided into segments: the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine, the sacrum, and the coccyx.

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Q: The human backbone is a flexible chain of how many bones?
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How many bones are in the giraffe's backbone?

The giraffe has the same number of bones that of a human in the backbone, 33.

What bones make up the human backbone?

The back

Why are snakes more flexible than humans?

The ligaments connect the bones of a snake are far more flexible and elastic than those of a human.

How can human body moves?

the human body qors with bones if u dident you would not be able to walk and u would be all flexible

Why the vertebral column of the human skeleton made up of many bones?

Many bones have many joints, hence, great flexibility.

How many bones are there in an adult human backbone?

The human adult vertebral column consists of 26 bones. There are 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, and 2 that are collections of fused bones, the sacrum and the coccyx. An infant may have 32, 33, or 34 spinal bones present at birth.

What are the bones that make up your backbone called?

The human backbone is also called the spine, and it consists of a vertebral column that has many bones. There are seven cervical, twelve thoracic, five lumbar, five fused sacral, and four fused coccygeal bones in an adult. So that makes a total of 33 bones.Read more: How_many_bones_make_up_the_human_backbone

What is spectrin and where is it found?

Spectrin is a long, flexible protein composed of an alpha-chain and a beta-chain, that form tetramers and provide a scaffold for structural reinforcement of human red blood cells.

Does the human body have over 500 bones?

No,just 206 bones in an adult human,but the value can vary in an infant even over 300 cause the bones are in the process of being formed.This is quite contradictory to the fact that an infant is born with cartilage at its birth because cartilage is more flexible,thereby preventing the baby being crushed at the time of birth!

What is a human backbone?

a spine

What human anatomy parts start with the letter B?

· back · backbone · beard · belly · bellybutton · biceps · bladder · blood · bones · brain · breast · bronchi · buttocks

Where in the human skeleton are the long bones found?

The short bones are compact bones, spongy bones, femur bones and finally spinal cord. Thanks... hope you find this useful! :) correct answer: the backbone(vertebral column)is not the longest bone in the body.The backbone is actually 33 small bones joined.They protect the spinal cord.The longest bone in the skeleton is found in the thigh and the smallest is found in the ear.