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Bakersfield, California has been voted the most polluted city.

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Q: The dirtiest city in the US is in the state of?
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What state is the most dirtiest in the US?

i think Houston ,tx or New York city,ny

What is the name of the worlds dirtiest city?

Bacu, Azerbi

What is the dirtiest great lake?

The dirtiest lake in the US is Onondaga Lake.

What are the 10 best cleanest cities in the US and the 10 Dirtiest?

I vote for Rochester NY as one of the dirtiest.

Is Philadelphia a city or a state?

It is both a city and a county within the US State of Pennsylvania.

Top 10 dirtiest countries in the world?

Oklahoma City is the capital of what US state?

Oklahoma City is the capital of the US State of Oklahoma.

What is the dirtiest city in the Philippines and why?

victory ! haha ! tibo kea namamarung . mbataun ! haha

Which city in the US is not a state?

There are no cities in the US that are a state. There is one city that isn't IN any state, and that is Washington D.C.

Is the US a city state?


What is the only city in United State that is not a state?

The only city in the US that is not in a state is Washington, D.C.

Where is the driest city in the US is in the state of?

Yuma, Arizona is the driest city in the US.