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Inter hemispheric fissure.

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Q: The deep groove that separates the two hemispheres of the cerebrum is called the?
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Deep groove that divides the right and left hemispheres of the cerebrum?

longitudinal fissure separates the the right and left cerebral hemisphere.

What does longitudinal fissure divide?

it separates the cerebrum into left and right hemispheres.

What is brain hemisphere?

The brains of many animals (including humans) are partially divided by a deep central groove, running from the front of the head to the back. The portions of the cerebrum to each side of the groove form the left and right hemispheres.

What is the coronary sulcus of the heart?

The coronary sulcus is the groove that separates the atria from the ventricles. It can also be called the coronary groove or AV groove.

What groove separates the left and right ventricle?

the interventricular sulcus is the groove that separates the ventricles

What structure is the deepest groove in the cerebrum?

longitudinal fissure

Depresses groove or valleys on the surface of the cerebrum?


What is the groove called that separates right and left portion of white mater?

This is called the longitudinal fissure. The halves are not actually separate.

What separates the lateral ventricles?

Anterior and Posterior Interventricular Sulcus. Sulcus meaning "groove" .

What is the difference between gyri and sulci?

Parts of the Brain: Cerebrum-largest part of brain, 7/8 total mass of the brain. * 2 cerebral hemispheres: # ridges- gyri # grooves- sulci *Gyrus(gyri)-is a ridge on the cerebral cortex. Folds on the brain material. Many ridgescalled convolutions, or gyri, or gyrus, separated by grooves, mark the cerebrum's surface. *Sulcus(sulci)-shallow grooves on the brain. Generally, a shallow to somewhat deep groove is called a sulcus, or sulci, and a very deep groove is called a fissure.

What is the groove in a cat's canine tooth called?

The groove in a cat's canine teeth is called a vertical groove. The groove gives the cat the ability to catch and tear food.

What are the deep grooves in the brain called?

a groove is called a sulcus, but a deep groove is called a fissure.