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Q: The cartilaginous projection just in front of the ear's outer opening is known as what?
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What is projection of solids?

the front view,top view and side view of a solid is known as projection of solid

Front opening of a gun barrel?

Known as the muzzle

What is a xiphoid?

A xiphoid is the cartilaginous extension of the lower sternum - otherwise known as the xiphisternum.

Is the voicebox the cartilaginous structure known as the larynx?


Why are cartilaginous fish called cartilaginous fish?

Cartilaginous fish, also known as elasmobranchi, have skeletons made of cartilage rather than bone. Bony fish, also known as teleosts, have skeletons made of bone.

What type of map projection is shown on the Google earth opening page?

Google Earth uses a Simple Cylindrical (Plate Carree) Projection with a WGS84 datum for its imagery base. Altitude is measured from the vertical datum (WGS84 EGM96 Geoid).This is a simple map projection where the meridians and parallels are equidistant, straight lines, with the two sets crossing at right angles. This projection is also known as Lat/Lon WGS84.

What cartilaginous fish is known for its highly asymmetrical tail fin?

thresher fish

What are chrondrichthyes?

chrondrichthyes are also known as cartilaginous fish with paired nares n fins.

What is the projection of the epidermis?

The projection of the epidermis is known as trichomes. In plants, these describe the spines, glands, thorns, and similar parts.

Bones held together by cartilage are known as?

cartilaginous joints or synchondrosis joints

What map projection makes Greenland look almost as big as south America?

Many will, the Mercator projection is probably the best known.


The tip of the sternum is known as the xyphoid process. It has this name because it resembles a shield.