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My smell.

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Q: Tell me something that will make me remember you?
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How do you make a 11 year old stop laughing?

tell them something sad or something that will calm them down. but remember don't say anything so sad that will make them start to cry. just tell them something like a unfunny joke. or if that fails just tell them something fairly sad or depressing.

When you went there the man was not there?

He probably dosen' care enough to remember to be there or to call you to tell you he won't be able to make it there because of something.

What good gifts for a brother that you can make?

If I would have to say make it something funny and something he will remember for a few years.

What does to make something up mean?

If you make something up, you create it from your imagination, you tell something that isn't true.

I should gift you a pen and write something on my hand and i tell who remember me in life?

i gift you a pen by saying that you write a sentence that remember me in life

How do you make a sinulog poem?

Tell something about it

How do you keep people from getting into your webkinz account?

You have to make sure your password is hard so other people can't get onto your account, but it has to be something you can remember. And don't tell anyone your password. :)

Like what can you tell her to make her have confidence in you?

Tell her that, "You can trust me" or "Trust me" or something like that.

How do you teach a pet to do something?

If you want to teach your pet to do something try to say it then do it for your pet. So when you tell your pet to do it will remember the tutorial you gave it

How can a smell make us vividly remember something from the past?

It smells like something that interests you or once did.

How do you make teachers laugh?

tell them something funny.

What does unseat mean?

Unseat means to make someone disappear.This is a little trick to remember. Unseat is very neat and I can look at it all the time ears tell me that something is near but I just have to do a magic trick and make myself disappear.