Swelling at injection site

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Swelling at the site of an injection is completely normal. The affected area may also turn red and be tender to touch. Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen may help.

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Q: Swelling at injection site
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What should you do when DTP vaccine causes redness and swelling the around injection site?

Take an antipyretic such as ibuprofen and place some ice on the site. Then relax for a few hours.

What are symptoms of skin allergies?

Skin reactions include.hives.Contact dermatitis.eczema.Injection of allergens.may cause system-wide well as the local ones of swelling and irritation at the injection site.

What reactions would a dog have from a rabies vaccination?

Usually the reactions are mild - redness, swelling, local mild pain at the injection site, mild lethargy (tiredness). More severe reactions are very rare but could include anaphylactic shock (sudden severe swelling of the nose/throat/pharynx, sudden severe drop in blood pressure) or alopecia (loss of hair) or leukopecia (white hair) around the injection site.

What are the side effects of Tetnus vaccine?

Well unless you are allergic to it you could be nauseous, have pain or swelling around the injection site or you could be like me and have your whole arm cramp up.

Could Lidocaine injection site cause a infection?

Yes.any kind of injection can result in an infection if the injection site is not properly cleaned.

When administering a subcutanous injection why would you avoid an injection site that is hardened or fatty?

when administering a subcutaneous injection why would you avoid an injection site thats hardened or fatty

What could cause a bump on your buttock that's very painful where you injected steroids?

You have hit a blood vessel and it is a bruise. A swelling of blood at the injection site. Massage the area to dispell the blood.

Where is the nasopalatine site for injection located?

maxillay central injection

Do tetanus cause swelling in the arm?

A tetanus vaccine injection can cause swelling of the arm. If it doesn't get better in a day, talk to the doctor.

Do you get scabs from Heroin injection?

On the injection site? Sorry im confused.

Where is the injection site for rhogam?


Is the bicep a common injection site for IM in dogs?

No, this would be a relatively uncommon site for an intramuscular injection in most animal species.