Strong heartbeat in my throat

Updated: 9/7/2023
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it's your pulse... silly... it's your pulse... silly... it's your pulse... silly...

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Q: Strong heartbeat in my throat
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When you have a heartbeat in your throat mean you pregnant?

No. This is just an artery in your neck that you can feel your pulse in.

The likelyhood of miscarriage after a fetal heartbeat?

I've read that it decreases to 3% after heartbeat is strong and detected at (or around) 8 weeks.

What are the release dates for Strong Medicine - 2000 Heartbeat 3-4?

Strong Medicine - 2000 Heartbeat 3-4 was released on: USA: 11 August 2002 Hungary: 12 May 2010

Can the flu shot cause racing and thumping heartbeat 11 hrs after?

yes it can and it can also cause sweeling of the throat

Can you tell whether you are having a boy or girl by how strong the heartbeat is?

It is possible but not always accurate. No, the strength of the heartbeat depends which way the baby is laying in the uterus.

Is the saying 'if you feel a heartbeat in your throat you are pregnant' true?

Of course not. Rather than relying on sayings you should get tested if you suspect you could be pregnant.

What does it mean when you feel two heartbeats in your throat?

It's your own pulse/heartbeats. if you think it's the fetus' it is not. You can never feel the heartbeat of the baby.

What are the symptoms of plant poisoning?

Ranges from irritation of the skin or mucous membranes of the mouth and throat to nausea, vomiting, convulsions, irregular heartbeat, and even death.

Does a baby have a heartbeat as soon as its conceived?

18 days after conception until then it is mostly cells forming into vital organs

Why i got itchy inner ear throat always badly when i feel cold strong smell?


Is throbbed onomatopoeia?

Yes, "throbbed" is considered an onomatopoeic word because it imitates the sound of a strong, rhythmic heartbeat or pulsating sensation.

I bled at 2 months 3 weeks and baby has a strong heart beat?

i bled around that time too. and i went to the doctor and everything was fine. and had a strong heartbeat too. you should be okay. :] good luck!