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Musculoskeletal system

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Q: Stress can cause the body to tense up as a defense mechanism. Which body system would this affect?
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stress can cause the body to tense up as a defense mechanism. Which body system would this affect?


The body's most specific defense mechanism is the?

the answer is A for Plato

How does stress affect the urinary system?

what is the affect on the excretory system

What are oysters defense mechanisms?

An oyster's defense mechanism is its shell because it protects the soft bodied animal from predators. Another defense mechanism is its muscles to close the shells together when it feels threatened. It immune system protects it from invading disease organisms.

Does stress affect the nervous system?


How does chronic stress affect the reproductive system?

It could stop your from ovulating

How does stress affect your musculoskeletal system?

Because your life is important

How does stress affect your circulatory system?

A very good answer is given in the Related link below.

How does the swine flu effect the circulatory system?

Swine flu does not have an affect on the circulatory system. It does affect the Cardiovascular system and puts it under great stress, that's why people with heart disease are more susceptible to it.

How does stress affect muscular system?

Stress and tension affect your body in bigger ways than people think. It can change how you look. If you are stressed and tense all the time, you can get wrinkles faster and can affect your posture. In the long run, it can shorten your life span.

The body's most specific defense mechanism is?

Natural immunity, such as skin. For example, the skin is a physical barrier that keeps out pathogens (disease causing factors).

How do cold sores affect the integumantary system?

Cold sores don't affect your health. They can be embarassing or case some emotional stress but that is about it. It's your heath that can affect the cold sore virus. When you're immune system is lowered by stress or illness or if you have been out side in very hot or very cold temperatures for long periods of time, then you could get a cold sore.