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Which of these is not considered strictly a service

Choose the term that fits this definition taxes levied on the removal of natural resources

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Q: Strategies for helping the illeterate people?
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Wt was the imp of symbols in Indian freedom struggle?

it was used to awake the illeterate people of INDIA

Which is the illeterate city in India?


Where can one find information on investment strategies?

There are a wide variety of investment companies which specialize in helping people with investment strategies. Examples of such companies include Scottrade, Morgan Stanley, and Edward Jones.

What is the name of the job that involved a person in assistng illeterate people in filling up any application forms?

auto cad

How does an illeterate oil-rich sheik sign his name?

he spearms on it

What has the author David E Hutchins written?

David E. Hutchins has written: 'Helping relationships and strategies' -- subject(s): Counseling, Helping behavior, Comportement d'aide

Is there a mental illness for helping people?

No there is not a illness for helping people.

How can helping people get you in danger?

Because the people who you are helping might be targets of people with 'power' like a government that would target you for helping them.

Who is the saint for helping other people?

All the saints are for helping people.

How many people are helping Haiti?

millions are helping the people of haiti

Which strategies were helpful in helping your new president win the election?

Big states that the republicans rules, and the support of everyong who voted.

What are the strategies to enhance Revenue collection?

There are many strategies that enhance revenue collection. The strategies are having a plan, people and time.