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The space between the terminal bouton and dendrite is called the synaptic cleft, or synapse.

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Q: Space between terminal button and dendrite?
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What is the space between the dendrite and axon?


The tiny space between the axon terminal and the dendrite of another neuron is called the?

Synaptic Cleft.

What is the space between a dendrite and axon called?


What is the space between dendrite and an axon called?


What are functions of synaptic junction?

To "connect" two neurons, (or a neuron and a muscle cell), by providing a space between an axon terminal of one neuron and a dendrite of another neuron (or a muscle cell), so neurotransmitters that are released by an axon terminal can diffuse across that space to reach the dendrite (or muscle cell) and either initiate the possibility of the second neuron to fire or cause a muscle cell to contract.

What is the tiny space that lies between one axon and a dendrite?


What is the space between the transmitting axon and the receiving dendrite or cell body?


What is the space between the dendrite and neuron where nerve pulses jump from one to the other called?


What is the tiny space between each axon tip and the next dendrite or muscle called?

The tiny space between each axon tip and the next dendrite or muscle is called a synapse. At the synapse, electrical signals from the axon are transmitted to the dendrite or muscle through the release of chemical messengers called neurotransmitters.

A synapse is the space between what?

Usually from the axon of one nerve to the dendrite of another. The axon sends impulses away from the nerve body, and the dendrite receives impulses from other nerves.

What are the Chemicals that cross the synaptic gap and bind to receptors on another neuron called?

Synapse is a narrow gap containing communicating junction between two neurons where an axon terminal comes near contact with dendrite terminal of next neuron. A narrow fluid filled space, called synaptic cleft, occurs between the two.As the impulse reaches the presynaptic knob, it stimulates release of neurotransmitter into the cleft.

The narrow space between the synaptic terminal and the muscle fiber is the?

synaptic cleft.