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These two symptoms can be caused by many different illnesses so it is best to try to point out other symptoms you are having. You may have a sinus infection, a common cold, or strep throat.

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Q: Sore throat on left side left cheek sore left temple sore?
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I have a sore head cheek eye and ear on the left side any ideas?

It could be a sinus infection. See your doctor.

What causes Left arm cold fuzzy vision chest pains and sore throat?

Possibly brain tumor. "SEE A DOCTOR!"

What specialist handle sore left side of throat issues?

Usually a primary care doctor can take care of that. If more help is needed they may refer you to an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

What are treatments for sore throat?

Sore throats are caused by irritation to the throat lining - many things can cause this. Usually, you get a sore throat when you have a cold or flu, and are coughing and swallowing mucus down the back of your throat, both of which irritate the lining. You can also have a sore throat if you get too dry, or if you talk too much.One can use cough drops, cough syrup, tea with lemon and honey,As an emergency room doctor told me, any hard candy does the same thing. It coats the throat when the protective mucus is removed from an infection.

What does a sore cheek and neck under the left ear mean its very tender to touch?

My first thought is that it is an abcessed tooth. If not that I would have a doctor check my lymph gland in my neck for an infection.

Does Sophie Tweed Simmons have a birthmark on her left cheek?

Yes. Sophie Tweed Simmons does have a birthmark on her left cheek.

Why does your temple hurt?

It can hurt because of alots of reason, maybe has been hit somewhere before headache can cause that and have a twitchy feeling on the left side of the temple most of the time.

Why does senator McCain have a swollen left cheek?

John McCain was diagnosed with melanoma (malignant skin cancer) on his cheek 5 years ago which he says has left his cheek puffy looking.

Can a sore throat lead to strep throat?

When one has a disease that the immune system is currently fighting against (strep throat), the other immune defenses are slightly decreased in order to ramp up the specific immune cells attacking the current infection. Therefore, combating strep throat could leave the body open to other opportunistic infections such as pneumonia, especially in the elderly.

What did the right butt cheek say to the left butt cheek?

don't pass the line

Sore swollen neck mostly on the front left side your throat is not sore however you are also very tired What could cause this?

MY suggestion would be research mononucleolus. which I probably spelled wrong. I am no Dr, but I am researching causes tonite on an unsolved swelling throat myself. My throat is not painful just swollen. For a week the antiobiotics are finished and Its still swollen. My Doc asked me if i was tired after looking at me. I was tested for strep (neg) and mono (neg) But she did say mono causes a swollen throat and makes you sleepy so maybe that will help you.

What causes left cheek to sink in?