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Someone who takes over temporarily for the regular person

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Q: Someone who takes over temporarily for the regular person?
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How do you abbreviate 'in place of'?

The Latin phrase 'Pro tempore' is often abbreviated to 'pro tem'. It is used when someone temporarily takes over the role of another person. For example a Mayor Pro Tem acts in place of the actual Mayor whilst they are elsewhere.

What is a person that takes the blame for someone else's misdoings?

The "fall guy" (??)

Should you reconcile with someone who will not accept responsibility?

No. Be with someone who is mature and takes responsibility someone who will help you to become a better person.

What is deputy substitute?

A deputy substitute is a person who temporarily takes on the responsibilities and duties of a deputy when the deputy is absent or unable to perform their duties. They step in to ensure the smooth continuation of operations in the absence of the regular deputy.

What do you call someone who takes a person hostage?

Maybe a hostile. Im not positive.

What is someone who takes food before they are supposed to?

a hungry person? lol! Greedy.

What you call someone takes care of a child or old person?

A parent/guardian

A person who takes the place of another?

A person who takes the place of another is often referred to as a substitute or stand-in. This individual may temporarily fulfill the responsibilities, duties, or roles of the person they are replacing.

How long does it take to call someone?

it takes approximately 3mins to call one person.

What is a person called who takes care of fish?

Aquarist is someone who has aquariums and cares for fish

Ho do you call a person that takes a way what he gives?

If someone gives you something and then takes it back, the slang term for them is Indian-giver.

What if someone takes your money what do you do?

Inform the police about it and the more you know about the person who took it the better chance they have of finding the person.