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You will probably be better off cutting communication with someone that has a big ego and that is still working problems out with their ex.

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Q: So since he excepted his ex friend request was I smart to tell him not to call me anymore will he ever call me again since he has such a big ego?
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How can you tell if someone declined your Facebook friend request?

The only way to know if your friend request has been declined is to request to be their friend again. If it lets you re-request, then they denied your friend request.

His ex fiance kicked him out of their apartment for the 3rd timeShe unfriend him on facebook Now she sent him a friend request again and he excepted its what does it mean?

It sounds as though he is still hoping to make the relationship work if he accepted her friend request. Her pattern of behavior may be indicative of a number of things, but he would be wise not to put too much trust in her.

How do you unlock a friend from moshi monster?

Sending this person a friend request again will unblock them from your tree.

How do you unblock somebody on moshi monsters?

You have to get them to send another friend request. You simply just click on your friend tree and type in their name in the friend request box and add them again.

How do you get a deleted friend back if you can't find them?

Request them again.

How you can send again friend request to the friend who block you on facebook?

You can't. That's the whole point of blocking.

If your having a fight with your tight friend but your not friends anymore?

Get new friends and if you just want her to be your friend again then get a cooler friend and make her jealous

How you can get-back unfriend peoples in facebook again?

You can send a friend request to get back with people that have or you have unfriended on Facebook. It will be up to them to accept your request.

How do you send another friend request on facebook if you rejected it before?

1. If you mean that the person rejected your request, then go to their profile. You will see Friend Request Sent. Click on that and underneath it will write on the bottom of the drop down menu Cancel Request. Click on this, then try to send the request again.2. If you mean that somebody sent you a request and you rejected, just go on the friend notification bar and click see all friend requests you will see it there.

How do you unlock moshi monsters users that you blocked?

Sending a friend request to this person again will unblock them.

Since he accepted the friend request of his ex was I smart to tell him not to call me anymore and will he ever call me again since he has such a big ego?

I believe that this was a smart decision. It seems that he has some other issues to work out with the ex before he can successfully begin a new relationship.

Your friend is mad at you and is treating you horribly what should you do?

first try to tell your friend that you feel mistreated, and if they dont take that, then give it sometime, and try again. if it seems to not work, then maybe they dont want to be your friend anymore.