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People to resolve financial differences

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Q: Small- claims court is a place for which of the following?
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Small claims court is a place for what?

People to resolve financial Differences

What is a small-claims court place for?

People to resolve financial Differences

What is a place for small-claims court?

People to resolve financial Differences

Small-claims court is a place for?

people to resolve financial differences

Can I place a lien on home for nonpayment of personal loan?

no...but small claims court works

Where is the US Court of Federal Claims located?

The US Court of Federal Claims is located at 717 Madison Place, NW, Washington, DC 20005.

Which court hears misdemeanor cases involving small claims?

Small claims are filed in the court in your state where traffic matters are heard. The name of this court varies by state. In general, you must file your small claim in the court which has jurisdiction over the defendant's place of residence. However, if the small claim was the result of an automobile accident, the claim must be filed in the district where the accident occurred. And if the small claim was the result of a tenancy, it must be filed in the district where the rented property is located. If you have questions about the proper jurisdiction for a small claim, contact your local traffic court. They will be able to either help you or direct you to the court who can.

I live in palm beach but my trouble came from leon county Can I sue Leon county in palm beach county small claims court where I live or should I do it in leon county's small claims court?

Where did the "trouble" take place? You must file your action in the court of whatever county it occurred in. Unless the court has "jurisdiction" to handle your case it will not hear it. Also: Check Florida law to determine if the county government may be immune from your suit.

What Court has Jurisdiction in small claims court for Hacienda Heights Ca?

The Los Angeles County Superior Court has jurisdiction over small claims actions in Hacienda Heights, but in terms of where to file a small claims case, it gets complicated because there are 48 superior court locations in Los Angeles. The court has rules regarding at which of these locations you should file a small claims case depending on a variety of factors. For most of Hacienda Heights, you should file at the Whittier Courthouse; some parts of Hacienda Heights, however, must file small claims cases at the West Covina Courthouse. In addition, the Los Angeles Superior Court is now taking caseload distribution into account when assigning filing locations. Your first step probably should be to call the Whitter Courthouse small claims clerk at 562-907-3127 and ask which courthouse you should file at. When you call, make sure you know where the defendant lives and where the events leading to the case took place in case that affects the filing location. See the related Los Angeles County Court Directory link for more information on Los Angeles Superior Court locations.

Small claims UT Can one include the balance for item defendant is supposed to pay or only the amount he paid to date?

Questiion is unclear. In small claims court you can only claim your ACTUAL monetary loss. Not what you MIGHT have 'made' or what you MIGHT have profited from, if only "thus-and-so" hadn't taken place.

Can you put a lien on truck that the owner passed away and the other owner is in prison?

if there is no recognized owner--not in prison, just go to small claims court or superior court and get a judgment and take it to the sheriff who will go with you to remove the vehicle from its current place.

Does small claims court handle sales that took place over the internet?

Usually the seller being sued must have a "business presence" or a "licensed representative" in the same state as the plaintiff in order to bring a claim against them. The court's jurisdiction does not allow it to subpoena out-of-state defendants.