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-goes over to her house and hangs out with her everyday -he flirts like majorlyy -the girl finds out that her ex still likes her by just talking to her ex-bf's friends -he acts really really nice to her more than anyone else -he waits at your locker (at school) -he walks with you to your classes (at school) -he calles you 3 times a day to find out how you are and what you're dong -he asks you out

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Q: Signs of byfriend still not over ex girlfriend?
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What are some signs that my girlfriend isn't over her ex?

If she constantly brings him up, or she has old items of his still around. ie: a teddy bear, hoody, pictures, anything related to him.

What are the signs that your ex is over you or not when he has a girlfriend is he over me if he trys to talk to me my family and saying things like it was gd to c u again?

If he has a new girlfriend, he's probably over you and just wants to be friends again.

Can you tell if your ex-girlfriend still in love with you?

If the ex-girlfriend still in love with you: Than that means that she is having a hard time getting over the two of you.

How do you know if my girlfriend is over her ex?

You can't "know" for sure without mind reading. You can watch for signs or ask her though.

Should you like a boy that has a girlfriend and he cheated on me with but i still really like him?

no. get over him.

What do you do if your ex girlfriend is going out with you best friend but you still like her?

get over her and be happy for them

Does a father still have to pay child support if he signs his rights over in Massachusetts?


How does a wife know that the 3 year affair that her husband had is over what are the signs that is is not?

some signs are just know like if you are feeling like he is getting more closer to you then there over but if he is still distant and gets mad when you ask for his phone then it still going on

How do you know if your teen ex boyfriend still likes you if he has a new girlfriend?

If he has moved on and has a new girlfriend it is time for you to realize it is over and move on as well.

What are the signs of Controlling girlfriend during a divorce?

The signs of a controlling girlfriend during a divorce include her wanting everything her own way, such as having all the rights over property and finances. If you have children together, she may also insist that the children live with her and might not be willing to share custody.

What does it mean when your ex girlfriend is still trying to talk to you even after you said you need time to get over everything?

it means that she still likes you.

What does it mean when your girlfriend asks for some space and thinks a wee bit of time apart would be good for us but still loves me and want to still be my girlfriend?

she's pretty much telling you that it is over