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They will usually try to tell you to stop hanging out with the girl.

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Q: Signs a girl is jealous of you hugging another girl?
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How can you tell when another girl is JEALOUS of you what are the signs?

Simply the way she looks at the thing she's jealous about, and she probably won't mention it to you, but would just make you feel it. Tamii Joe ~

The girl I like hugs another guy while he is standing next to me. This guy is one of my friends. What does this mean. Does the girl like me or not?

are you a male or a female>?? if u are a guy...then maybe the girl likes the you other guy friend standing next to you... because she is hugging him and not you... look at her behaviour.... was she trying make you jealous of hugging the other guy>?... and do you also like the girl... and does she or she does'nt?

What is attitude of girl who is jealous from another girl?


What does that mean if a guy is jealous whenever he sees you with a guy and always tries to make you jealous by hugging any girl he knows around you?

It means he's really into you and wants to see if you like him back!!!

Your best frend told you she didnt like this new girl that goes on your bus but now when you try and talk to the new girl your friend keeps butting in and hugging the girl but why isshe being likethat?

Maybe she's Jealous. And want's to spend more time with you or she coul dbe Jealous of the New Girl.

What does that mean if a guy always wants to make a girl jealous by hugging any girl he knows around her?

Obviously, if he is doing that, he just wants attention from you.Try doing something special for him. *

What do you call a young girl hugging a bear?

a young girl hugging a bear.

Does he likes me or what's his deal so he recently started hugging me but he hugs another girl but when he is hugging this girl he is looking at me?

most likely he does. if he's looking at you, he's prob looking for your reaction. Screw him!

This girl and I are friends and she told me she liked me and I said I liked her to so we hung out more and we were flirting and hugging and then she gets a bf is she trying to make me jealous.?

it either- she DOES want to make you jealous or you havn't asked her out so she thinks your not interestedd and has moved on......

You like a girl. She is a good friend of yours. What are some thing that suggest she likes you back?

these may be some signs that she likes you back, she gets jealous when she see's you hugging other girls/ people, she likes to be alone with you, her cheeks go rosey red when ever you two see each other

Why is he making you jealous?

because the person you are dating is with another girl and is cheating on you

Is it bad to be jealous of your boyfriend talking to a girl?

It's not a bad thing. Honestly most girls get jealous when there boyfriend is talking to another girl. But you shouldn't worry about it.