Signs a girl is bi

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She shows affection for both genders, more then she should be showing.

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Q: Signs a girl is bi
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Are these signs that you are bi-i find myself looking at girls more than guys..i have sexted a bi girl before and we also sucked each others necks..i loved

yes that is a sign but its ok

Is neyo bi?

no neyo is not bi he has a girl friend

What is the ID Bi in network?

BI GIRL NETWORK INVITE The Bi Girl Social Network a Free Social Network for Bi Females with Dating, Blogs, Pics, Chat, Webcams and much More…

Is it normal for a straight girl to like a gay girl - would that make you bi or anything?

if you likeLIKE her then yah your bi

Is Lauren Collins from degrassi really bi?

After you've kissed a girl you are bi

Are you a lesbian if you are only attracted to one girl but not others?

No, you are bi/ bi curious.

How can a girl be bi?

A girl can be bi if she is having sexual feelings towards a boy and a girl or suddenly being attracted to women even though she likes boys

What is the signs of being bi sexual?

lots of things like your attracted to men and women you may look at a girl and think she is hot and in love with her. that is the same with men you are attracted to both genders

Girl cheating on another girl with a man?

A cheating bi-sexual.

How do you know if your friend that is a girl is bi?

Ask her.

How do you know if you are gay bi or straight are their signs?

You are straight. The problem you could be gay or bi because of your thoughts. When you lose it in your thoughts with this battle of gay or bi it will show up in your behavior. Do not let it go and let gay or bi win over you.

How does one girl get another girl horney?

The other girl would have to be Bi, Gay or Pan.