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1: he's immature

2: he's flirting

the signs are obvious. too obvious. If you have to ask, you'll never know.

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Q: Signs a 15 year old immature guy is flirting with would he flirt?
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What are the signs of your ex flirting with you?

There are a great many different signs your ex may give you when they flirt with you. They may compliment you excessively for example.

How do you flirt with a friend if they are bisexual?

Flirt with them the way your flirting with and opposite sex

How do you flirt with someone of the same sex?

If you are flirting with them, it's nothing special. It's just flirting. Flirt like you would always do.

How do you spot a flirt?

If they're always flirting.

How do you call someone who like flirting?

A flirt

You are flirting with boys and you are not meaning to?


Did Michael Jackson flirt with Oprah Winfrey?

No, there was no flirting.

How do you maturely flirt with someone you should not be flirting with and make them notice what you are doing?

It does not matter if the story is long or short in this instance. There is no such thing as 'maturely flirting.' You should not be flirting because it will only make you look very immature and possibly ruin your reputation and you could well end up being used and abused by the person as well as being disrespected. If you are wise you will give up on the idea of flirting with this person.

Can a wife be forgiven for flirting twice with the same man?

ANSWER: Flirting is only admiration is a good way. When we flirt, we compliment that person, not to go to bed with him or her. Unless the flirting follows by intimacy, that's when you can say cheating, other than that, if ok to flirt.

How does a fourth grader flirt?

Fourth graders shouldn't be flirting.

Is it a boy's natural instinct to flirt when a girl is flirting with them?

Yes it is

Why do peoples flirt?

Flirting is way for people to get noticed. If they like a guy they will flirt with him until he shows interest in them.