Side effects keppra

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some of the side effects when using Keppra are an allergic reaction, behavior changes, blistering, drowsiness, and weakness. It is recommended to seek medical attention if you experience neck pain or chest pain.

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Q: Side effects keppra
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What are side effects of keppra?


What are the side effects of Keppra?


How serious are Keppra side effects in men and women?

Keppra side effects are endless and include anxiety, hypertension, fatique, weakness, mood changes, and lack of coordination. There are many, many more as well.

Is there any side effects from taking Benadryl with keppra?

it lowers the Seizure threshold! Consult a Doctor!

Is Coughing a sideaffect of Keppra?

Taking Keppra can cause someone to cough more than normal. Other side effects include itching, hives, trouble breathing, chest tightness, and blistering skin.

What happens if you smoke weed while on keppra?

Marijuana is the best seizure medication in the world. Talk to your do for about dropping pointless meds that don't stop the seizures as well as cause negative side effects for medical marijuana which stops seizures with no negative side effects.

By what brand name is levetiracetam sold in the US?

In the United States, levetiracetam is sold under the brand name Keppra. A newer generation medication, levetiracetam lacks many of the usual side effects commonly associated with other AEDs

What is the name of the medication epileptics take?

Dilantin , Tegretol and phenobarbital are three of the original drugs used. today drugs like depakote, topomax and Keppra are used frequently and have been more effective than Dilantin. There are side effects from topomax that can cause anxiety attacks and perspiring to occur. Depakote has been proven to cause significant weight gain in many users. Keppra has not caused any significant side effects I'm aware of. Some of these drugs are also used for psychiatric purposes. Depakote also caused a patient to be lethargic.

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