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alright so your friend is obviously upset but she needs to learn that one day he will move on so he might as well move on to someone special to her. and that would be you her best friend, and also if you want to text him just do it if your friend is mad then she will get over it put yourself in her shoes and see what that feels like then decide what to do.

NO! that's horrible first of all that's taking advantage of him even if he said he's ok don't take any chances a lot of guys wont show their feelings or even be fully aware of them

also being his rebound girlfriend will not last long and it will not work out well.

Yes your friend will be upset ! would you be upset? would I? heck YES. Your 'friend' probably wont want to be 'friends' anymore. Its against the girl code.

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Q: Should you text the guy you like who just today broke up with his girlfriend your friend if he's OK and would your friend be upset?
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