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One question... what would you hope someone else would do if it were you? You may feel like you are meddling or sticking your nose in, but in the end indifference may be harder to live with. Ultimately it is a decision you have to live with... She will findout sooner or later the word always gets out. I'd agree with the first one more than the second cause if the word gets out s(and i guess guys too) don't like getting talked about like that. If you have someone tell her(or tell her yourself but someone else would be better) it would help her not be so hurt. :) Hope that helped!!!

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Q: Should you tell a girl you dont know that her boyfriend is cheating with several other women if you can show her proof and Is it ok to protect other women from scumbags?
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What are the names of the ladies that you pay to catch your boyfriend cheating with them?

I did some research on this for you and I'm sorry to say I can't find a thing on these ladies you are talking about. However, I did find several detective agencies (will cost you) to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you. I'd save your money! Get a girlfriend and follow your boyfriend one night. That's what I did with my first husband and caught him red-handed. If you want a detective go on: Type in: Detective Agencies in U.S. Each site will explain what they do ... find lost relatives, missing mates, cheating husbands and boyfriends. Good luck Marcy

Would your boyfriend be cheating on you if he occasionally lies to you?

No, he could be lying to keep people from getting hurt. ANSWER: All of us do lies, but the simple one is called " white lies" for several reason. We don't know why we do lie but sometimes to protect the people we love and sometimes to help us get out of trouble. Before you can accuse your boyfriend, how about talk to him and he might surprise you if you ask him. Never forget, " communication" is the MOST important in any kind of relationship. Good luck!!

How does a girl know if her boyfriend is cheating on her?

There are several signs that a girl can look out for if she suspects her boyfriend is cheating. These signs include secretive behavior, decreased intimacy, changes in communication patterns, unexplained absences, and a gut feeling that something is wrong. If she has concerns, it's important to have an open and honest conversation with her boyfriend to address any issues.

How do you when a guy is cheating on his girlfriend?

If you mean "how do you KNOW..." there are several things that can indicate... a) change in behaviour; b) doesn't see you as often, making excuses for not meeting up that you can't verify or breaking a date without a reason There are others... and this can go both ways (girl cheating on boyfriend as well).

How do you know if your boyfriend has cheated?

There are precautions to take before the cheating is even done. Men cheat for several reasons, they never learned to stay loyal or faithful in a relationship, they don't know why they got into a relationship, the spark isn't there anymore, the trust isn't there anymore... whatever the reason may be, you can see it. You can read it, their words, their behavior... I'm pretty sure you will know it, you will have a feeling. AND IF EVER your "boyfriend" gives you a reason to suspect that he is in face cheating on you, then obviously the trust is not really there.

When a woman text another man for several months with some sexual discussions cheating?

it's not cheating it's playing with fire that can lead up to cheating, it's disrespectful and dishonest.

How do you know when your boyfriend is cheating on you and you only communicate through email?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you and you only communicate through email, there might be some signs to look out for. Look for changes in his behavior, such as being secretive about his email or acting distant. Look for any suspicious or inappropriate emails or messages he might be sending or receiving. Lastly, trust your instincts and have an open and honest conversation with him about your concerns.

Is it possible for a christian to have a boyfriend?

Yes, you should have several.

Is your boyfriend cheating if you find three envelopes full of condoms in his car?

Wow that's a lot of condoma. Doesn't neccessarily mean he is cheating though, he may have got them all free from a family planning clinic and have been saving them up - they do give a lot. In short, if you think he may be cheating look for other signs like his behaviour changing towards you, or going missing for several hours with no good excuse. All in all just ask him about the condoms and watch his reaction, if he is lying he will panic, of just not answer. GOod luck

Does it mean he is cheating if you find a pair of women's underwear stuck between the mattresses in you and your boyfriend's bed but the underwear are not yours?

Sounds like he is, yes Or he is a transvestite. this could mean several things. 1, he is cheating and didnt think you'd look there. 2 they belonged to his ex and he jst never got rid of them. 3 they belonged to his ex and he hasn't let go. 4 he has a strange liking to wearing womens underwear.

Why is it your boyfriend think you're cheating when I'm always around him?

There are several reasons your boyfriend may feel that you are cheating. If you flirt a lot (not accusing you) he may take this as fact that you are unhappy with him and looking for someone else and it is up to you to pay attention to your boyfriend and let him know every so often how you feel about him by your actions. Then there are some men (all ages) that may have had someone or more than one person cheat on them; perhaps a parent that cheated and they never quite trust women after that and because of it they may well cheat themselves and by doing so they feel guilt and know if they can cheat on their girlfriend then she may be doing the same thing. You must sit down and discuss your relationship with your boyfriend and if he is not willing to trust you then you need to dissolve the relationship and move on in your life.

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