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No, you should not straighten your leg after a knee subluxation as this action could further hurt your knee joint.

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Q: Should you straighten your leg after a knee subluxation?
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Which muscle that will make the knee bend when it contracts. Which muscle that will make the leg straighten at the knee when it contracts. which of that two muscle is a lexor and an extensor?

The flexor would be the hamstring, and gastrocnemius, which bend/flex the knee. The quadriceps, are extensors, which straighten/extend the knee.

Why can't you bend your knee from side to side when you hold your leg out straight?

When you straighten out your leg your tendons are tighter, and then there is your patella disabling you from doing that

What muscle bends your knee?

The quadriceps muscle helps straighten and extend the leg and the hamstring helps bend the knee.

Why cant you walk after you took your leg cast off?

IMPROVED ANSWER: You can't walk because your knee has been in the same position for six weeks. It will hurt as you straighten your leg. You should stretch and then start walking but not at the exact time!!!!

What muscles work together to straighten your leg?

The muscles used to straighten the leg are commonly known as the Quadriceps, a group of four muscles on the front of the thigh. This, however, is only the cast when the knee is isolated. If you were to stand up from a squatted position, you would also be using your gluteal muscles as well as your hamstrings to extend the thigh and stabilize the knee, while your quads and inner thigh muscles (the adductor) help to straighten the the knee. You would also be using your calf muscles to straighten the ankle.

Explain the difference between extending and flexing your arm at the elbow?

When you straighten your arm or leg (as in a pushing movement), you EXTEND the arm or leg. When you bend your arm at the elbow or your leg at the knee, you FLEX the arm at the elbow and flex the leg at the knee.

How do I get rid of constant knee pain from too much running?

Yes. Massage the knee can definitely help the situation. Straighten the leg and massage the knee just above the kneecap. Sometimes the knee is inflamed and icing the knee down during rest times can also be very helpful.

What tissue is used to straighten the leg?

The muscles in a leg are used to straighten it. They lengthen and contract to move and control leg movement, including straightening.

How do you unlock knee?

My knee sometimes locks and I can not make my leg straight. I usually can wiggle it or bend my knee up to my chest and put my hands under my knee and pull up. One time it was so severe I could not straighten. I was instructed to put your two thumbs together and push at the bottom of your knee cap as hard as you can. Push directly in the middle of your knee cap and you will feel and hear it pop. What a relief.....

What are the things you would get crutches for?

Conditions involving foot, leg or knee pain (possibly hip, but you may get a wheelchair for this), or conditions where you should not be putting pressure on (only one) foot, knee or leg.

When a bike pedal is at its lowest point shold your leg be sraight if not at what angle should it be at?

When sitting on the saddle the leg should no be straight, the knee should have a slight bend of about 10 degrees.

The joint in the middle of your leg?