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Q: Should you shower or bathe before applying permethrin?
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Should you shower after you eat?

No, You Should Actually Eat Before You Have A Shower, Better For Your Digestion.

What is better in dry place applying oil on body before shower or after?

Apply moisturizing lotion after the shower, not before, otherwise the shower will just wash it off. You will be moisturized much longer, if you do not immediately wash off the lotion after you apply it.

Should you shower before or after sex?


How do you waterproof the purple board drywall before applying solid surface shower panels?

You do not need to waterproof it - that is why it's purple

What should be your efforts to improve yamina river?

Shower before you swim in it.

How soon should the baby shower be held before the due date?

One month before the event

When do you use shower gel before or after a shower?

You use it during the shower.

When should I start ordering supplies for a baby shower?

I would plan to have a baby shower after the first trimester, preferably the second. I would start ordering about a month before my baby shower date! Hope it helps

Your water drips when you take a shower?

You need either a new O ring in the shower or tap anew washer in the tap, or you should go to the toilet before showering.

Should you shower now or tomorrow?

Ideally, you should shower daily.

What shower value should I use?

Depends what shower you have.

My roommate doesn't wipe after he goes number two if he is about to take a shower after. Can I get diseases from him doing this if I use the same shower?

no you should be fine.. as long as none of the fecal matter is in the bathtub or shower when you get in you should be ok.. if you are still concerned just rinse the shower or tub out before you get in next time but i think you should be ok because fecal disease is spread through direct contact with your bodily fluids as long as your not rolling in it i believe you should be fine