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It depends on how active you are. If you are not active at all, you should not start out by running with a weighted vest on.

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Q: Should you run long distances with a weighted vest?
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What is a weighted vest?

A vest that has pockets where you can put metal blocks in them.

Does the TKO Weighted Vest come in different sizes?

The Weighted Vest comes in one size with straps to tighten to fit the body. TKO also has different weighted vests.

What muscles does a weighted vest work on?

The weighted vest will affect every muscle in your body. This of course affects your chest, and your back muscles by far the most.

Can weighted training vests cause back problems?

Always seek advise with doctors before training with a weighted training vest. The overuse of a weight vest can lead to injury of the back, neck, or hips or previous injuries could be worsened by use of a weighted vest.

Will wearing a weighted running vest improve my core strength?

Yes, running with a weighted vest will force your abdominals to support the weight as you run and strengthen your core.

In what situation is a weighted vest required?

A weighted vest adds distributed stress to all muscles. The weight tears muscle fibers so they regrow to be stronger and give an athlete a competitive advantage. Any athlete training for football or basketball could benefit from training with a weighted vest, resting, and retraining without the vest so hand and eye coordination can be re-calibrated. Other occupations like a policeman or sport like wrestling could use a weighted vest to get a leg up on their competition.

What is the point of a weighted vest?

Using a weighted training vest will add variety to your workouts and increase the intensity of every exercise you do. Adding a weighted vest to your regular training activities will challenge your muscles by adding resistance. More weight on your body will mean that you work harder during cardio exercise as well. As a beginner, use caution and add a weighted vest to challenge yourself only once you are very comfortable with your current exercise regimen.

Does the Xvest Weighted X Vest come in different sizes, or is the vest a one size fits all?

Xvest-X4040-Weighted-X-Vest comes in five different strap sizes that fit waist from 22-28 inches (this is the smallest) upto 38-44 inches (the largest size).

Would a weighted vest work to help me lose weight?

A weighted vest might help you lose a bit more weight. That is because you would be burning more calories by carrying the weight around, and also building more muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat.

What are some of the cons using weighted vests?

Cons when using a weighted vest is that you do not always challenge your body enough. You must perform more than simple movements and start with a weight you know you can handle.

You had an x ray and did not know you were pregnant?

You should be fine as long as they made you wear a protection vest

Is a weighted vest effective for quicker weight loss?

These vests are like are like any kind of weight training and you should consult a doctor before beginning to use them. Once you are cleared to use the vest, you should begin slowly and add weight over time. The addition of weight training helps build muscle, which burns more calories and enhances weight loss.